US Muslim Honor Kills Daughter, Police can’t figure out the Motive? 

This is just beyond obscene. A Muslim father in Ohio argued with his 27 year-old, beautiful daughter before she went to bed. Then around 1 am, he got a gun, went into her bedroom and shot her in the head – twice. His family is blaming his actions on… wait for it… diabetes. What’s even more horrific is that leftists and the media are backing up this ludicrous excuse for murder. Police say they can’t figure out a motive… seriously? After all this time and all we’ve seen, they can’t discern an honor killing when they see one? Unfreaking believable.Tahani didn’t die right away. It took her ten hours or so at a hospital to pass. Anyone who could do this to their own child this way is a monster and should be put down. Honor killings are part of Islamic culture. 91% of them are committed by Muslims. Most of the victims are women and children.

More==>: US Muslim Honor Kills Daughter, Family Justifies His Actions With Four Disturbing Words! | John Hawkins’ Right Wing News


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