VA Hospital Stacked Up Vets’ Remains: Where is Obama? 

A Veterans Affairs hospital in Illinois kept veterans’ remains in a hospital for 45 days or more, until they were “stacked to capacity,” according to a whistleblower.This news comes amid a report by the Washington Free Beacon that veterans with cancer died after delays in care at a New Mexico VA hospital.I thought reforming the VA was going to be a priority for President Obama. Where are the speeches, the events, the TV appearances about our nation’s ailing veterans? Obama would rather appear on late night talk shows and YouTuber channels.Instead of helping the thousands of veterans who are getting substandard care and those who are dying because of it, Obama is focused like a laser on the exceedingly rare cases when a white cop unjustly shoots an unarmed black man. His presidency is about him and the handful of issues he gets excited about.I don’t think he cares that much about our veterans’ sacrifices. That’s the only explanation I can think of for his lack of attention to this issue. Veterans are about war. Obama is about peace!

Source: VA Hospital Stacked Up Vets’ Remains: Where is Obama? | White House Dossier


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